• Automotive

    As it has for many years ASF continues to supply PP fibers to the automotive industry for non-facing substrates and composite applications. These products are often times technically specific designed with special additives or resins used to create a product that improves value for the customer. Whether it be a traditional needled product or a specialty Airlaid application our staff welcomes the opportunity to help customers create a product that is uniquely their own.

  • Construction

    Many different fibers are used in the construction market but none are used more widely as Polypropylene fibers. ASF Polypropylene fibers are ideally used in concrete structures for secondary reinforcement to guard against “shrinkage cracks” in the plastic state. By minimizing early age cracking and reducing water migration PP fibers help to increase impact, abrasion, and shatter resistance of concrete. Unlike steel mesh, fibers are evenly distributed in concrete thus allowing concrete to hold together better than if steel mesh were used by itself.

    ASF supplies quality fiber to the construction market in bulk packaging to allow our customers to realize the cost savings and reduce overall waste. However we will work with our customers to find solutions to their packaging needs if bulk packaging is not preferred.

  • Filtration

    ASF PP fibers are used for filter applications in both the liquid and gas market segments. Polypropylene is uniquely suited for both markets because it has excellent resistance to chemicals retaining its’ strength in moderate temperatures. PP fibers are used to make many different filters for HVAC, Beverage, Industrial, Pool & Spa, and Potable water.

    Because many different technologies are use to produce filters ASF has several products that are used effectively to produce filter fabrics. Often it is necessary for different Cut length or finishes as well as different denier sizes to be used to meet the customer’s needs. Some applications where ASF PP fibers are used include Needle Felts, Spunlace, Airlaid, Woven Filter Cloth, and String Wound Filters.

    Let ASF help you to create a new product or improve an existing product.

  • Furniture

    ASF produces only the highest quality fibers to meet customer specifications. Our high tenacity high elongation fibers are used in the construction of furniture for back liners and spring covers. Solution Dyed Polypropylene fibers are used to reduce “see through” with lighter upholstery fabrics. Our technical department has many years of experience producing nonwoven fabrics for the furniture market and can assist customers with problem solving and set up for producing furniture fabrics.

  • Geotextile

    ASF’s high quality Polypropylene Staple fibers are used to produce Needled felts and Airlaid nonwoven fabrics for construction, environmental, and engineering projects related to “Geotextile” markets. ASF PP fibers meet the technological requirements of high tenacity and elongation that are necessary for these fabrics to perform their vital functions. Where required ASF produces colored fibers and uses an additive to reduce the impact that ultraviolet light has on PP fibers.

    Geotextiles is a broad term for fabrics that are used to lessen environmental impact. Fabrics are used in road construction (insert picture) Landfills (insert picture) and to reduce soil erosion (insert picture).

  • Technical Textiles

    ASF is uniquely suited to work with customers that have special needs. ASF’s technical people work with customers to produce products that are uniquely their own. Whether it uses special melt PP resins or colors that require specific additives such as UV inhibitors, flame retardants, or antimicrobials ASF can help you to create a product that is specifically yours.

    Developing partnerships is the best way to improve competitiveness in today’s global market place. Please let ASF help you to improve your market position by developing your very own Technical Textiles.