About Us

American Synthetic Fiber LLC has established itself as a high quality supplier of polypropylene fibers for the Nonwovens Industry. Since 1999 ASF has provided products for the Geotextile, Furniture, Automotive, Construction, Hygiene and Filtration industries. Our 170,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Pendergarss, Georgia maintains a dedicated and knowledgeable staff determined to provide the highest quality products in the fiber industry.

One of our strengths is that our technical personnel have actual experience in producing nonwoven fabrics, and although ASF does not have nonwoven equipment this experience allows our staff to proficiently communicate ideas to our manufacturing partners aiding them in the production of high quality nonwoven fabrics.

Working vigorously with customers to form partnerships, ASF produces customized products that meet or exceeds customer expectations while maintaining the cost effectiveness of high quality PP fibers. ASF continues an eternal process of optimization on all production equipment to improve quality, reduce waste, and minimize productivity losses.